McFall Lookout

In 2022, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority upgraded and widened the river berm to withstand a 500-year flood event.  The panels shown below were removed at that time and will be replaced by a new display sometime in the future.

Since these tablets were created, access to online records and data has provided clarity around some of the facts and details above:

Panel 3:  Item #3: the flour mill was operating by 1824.   Item #4: The Bolton Flour Mill (1846).

Panel 7:  George Bolton purchased 200 acres on June 5th, 1821.   His ‘relative’ James Bolton was actually his older brother.  George sold his mill to his nephew in 1845.

Panel 9:  Humber Lea Road.  The photo date is 1897.

Panel 10:  Bolton Flour Mill (the second mill) date is 1846.

Panel 17:  The photo shows David McFall with his grandparents, David Hughes and Jerusha Doan Hughes.

Panel 18:  The work on the dam and along the Humber River was completed in 1983.