Bolton family background

  • The Bolton Family who came to Albion Township in the early 19th century can be traced to a George Bolton who was born around 1540 and lived in Suffolk England 1
  • After him, the next seven generations of Bolton family members variously named their sons George, James, John, William or Samuel.  The repetition of names, across multiple generations, has created much room for confusion 
  • By the early 1700s, some members of the Bolton family had entered into trades as did a George Bolton (died in 1754), who became a glazier 
  • In 1780, George’s grandson James (1746-1818), a carpenter, married Judith Mann (1750-1834). They lived in the village of Worlingworth, Suffolk.  James could neither read nor write; however, he and Judith insured that their six children were well educated 2
  • Starting in 1818, four of these children, two sons and two daughters, emigrated to Canada.  All of them took up land in Albion Township not far from each other
  • The eldest, James Charles Bolton (1781-1840), was assigned to Lot 14, Con 9, Albion, just weeks after the new township was opened for settlement 3
  • On June 5th, 1821, the youngest, George Bolton (1799-1869) bought the finest mill site in the township 4By 1834, the community that evolved around his mill was known as Bolton’s Mill (or Bolton Hollow as it was sometimes called) 5
  • Maria Bolton (1783-1838) married Samuel Fuller.  They arrived in Canada in 1831 with two young sons and one of their three daughters.  They settled just east of Bolton’s Mill 6
  • Rachel Bolton (1788-1868) married George Godbolt and they rented the clergy reserve one lot north of James Bolton’s property (corner of Mount Pleasant Road and Castlederg Sideroad) which they purchased in 1839 7
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