Local History Art

50 Ann Street

The recently  opened condominium building at 50 Ann Street, site of the former Legion building in downtown Bolton, now features a piece of local ‘history art’ in its entrance.  The piece commemorates buildings and scenes from Bolton’s past using modern materials and original photos from the Albion Bolton Historical Society’s collection.  The resulting artwork, which was installed in mid-November, provides an introduction to Bolton’s past as well as a welcome to new residents, most of whom are not from the area.


The six featured photos include: Albert Street School,  O.M. Hodson Hardware (later Smith & Schaefer’s), Ontario Hotel, Balmoral Hotel (former Masonic Arms Hotel), Bolton’s 1908 Railway Station and Queen Street, circa 1915.


Albion Bolton Historical Society member Derek Paterson spearheaded the collaboration between developer Brookfield Residential and the Society.

Below is a copy of the panel installed in the lobby of 50 Ann Street.