Wilson’s 1857 Directory

Wilson’s 1857 Directory, Province of Ontario:  Bolton

Bolton, LambertConveyancer, Commission Queen’s Bench
Bolton, SamuelCarpenter and Joiner
Brocklebank, W. and R.Builders
Cairns and HillBuilders
Curliss, ThomasHotel keeper
Curliss, WilliamHotel keeper
Dobson, Thomas JStorekeeper
Elliott, SimonStorekeeper
Evans, GeorgeInnkeeper
Hamilton, Williamwaggon maker
Hickman, EdwardPhysician, Surgeon
Hill and CairnsBuilders
Johnston, JamesJustice of the Peace
Lundy, TindallBlacksmith
McDonald, FrancisCooper
Mills, JamesTailor
Mills, ThomasTailor
Morris, William Jr.Plasterer
Morris, William Sr.Plasterer
Noble, JohnCattle dealer, Butcher
Norton, DavidBrickmaker
O’Dea, TimothyBuilder
Seymour, WilliamWaggon maker
Sutton, GeorgeCarpenter and Joiner
Smith and WilsonPainters
Taylor, DuncanWeaver
Tindall, JohnButcher
Walford, Samuel Postmaster and Bookseller
Walford, Samuel AbelChandler, Commissioner Queen’s Bench, Conveyancer
Warbrick, JosephTanner
Wheeler, JosephCongregationalist Reverend
Wilson and SmithPainters
Wolfe, JamesInnkeeper

The Directory was prepared by Thomas R. Wilson and Emily S. Wilson

The listing is also available as a PDF for download from here.