Queen St. – west side, south of the Humber river

  • By 1840, when local merchant and postmaster Samuel Sterne had completed his inn, Bolton had 15 or 16 buildings, two blacksmiths, two shoemakers, a tailor, a cooper, a tanner and a distiller 1.  One of these buildings, built from logs, was his home; a second, also log, was his store which also housed the post office 2
  • Samuel Sterne’s two-storey inn, (also referred to as a hotel) was built with mud bricks 3.  There were sheds and stables at the rear (see map)
  • The inn was known for its bar and for about 10 years, Samuel operated a distillery in a stone building across the river 4
  • After Samuel’s untimely death in 1850, his widow Ann Sterne took over his businesses and closed the bar
  • The 1851 census records the hotel structure as a ‘Temperance Inn’ which suggests that Ann held different views than her late husband about alcohol and she no served alcohol in the inn
  • Ann’s son-in-law Thomas C. Starrett managed the inn in the mid-1860s 5 after which William Hassard was hired as innkeeper 6
  • For a short period of time, the inn was known as ‘Hassards’.  William died in 1872, age 36, leaving his wife Mary Ann and four young children 7
  • In 1873, John Corliss purchased the inn from William Sterne 8.  He re-named it the ‘Railway Hotel,’ a nod to the Toronto & Grey Bruce Railway line which started passenger service to Bolton in 1871 9

And the building?

  • The hotel stables burned down in 1872 shortly after William Hassard’s death 10
  • The hotel burned down in 1880 11
  • In 1881, the Doig Block, consisting of three brick commercial units, was built on the site.  The Doig Block still stands
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  3. Mud bricks were formed from the abundant local clay and left to dry in the sun.  They were not as durable as kilned brick
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