Monuments to the Bolton Family

This plaque commemorates the Founding of Bolton. It is located in Founder’s Park, in the curve of Mill Street, on the site of George Bolton’s original grist mill which was built between 1822 and 1823.

Unveiling the Founding of Bolton plaque on September 10, 1972. From left to right are Stewart Rutherford, Werden Leavens, Murray Hesp, David McFall, W.S. Goulding, Erie Schaefer, Wilton Downey, Hill Allan, Rev. E.G. Knowles, Ivor McMullin, Fred Tingley and Rev. Robert Leckey. Photo courtesy of the McFall Family Collection. The plaque was first positioned at Laurel Hill Cemetery. It was later relocated to Founders Park on Mill Street which marks the original grist mill site.
James Bolton Public School is named after James Charles Bolton, who was one of the first settlers in Albion Township, in November 1819. His land was about seven kilometres northeast of Bolton near the Caledon King Town Line just south of Castlederg Sideroad. He was founding father of the Bolton family clan who followed him to Albion Township starting in 1821.

George Bolton Parkway, an arterial road built around 2010 on the south side of the village, is named after Bolton’s founder George Bolton.

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