Hayhoe then Goodfellow Era, 1941 – 1951

  • In 1941, Toronto lawyer David McFall, acting for the estate of his late father, sold the grist mill property to Hayhoe Brothers1.  Hayhoe Brothers was a mill operation in Pine Grove, also along the Humber River 2
  • Hayhoe Brothers removed the office of the mill which was a separate building to the west of the mill itself and built a  ‘chop room’ in its place to supply feed for animals
  • In 1944, James C. Goodfellow, born and raised in Albion Township, purchased the mill property from Hayhoe Brothers.   He also bought the mill owner’s house that same year 
  • In 1951, the mill stopped producing flour.  This marked the end of the 130 year grist mill history in Bolton
  • Around the same time, James Goodfellow built a seed cleaning plant repurposing the timbers from the former Temperance Hall which became a school between 1860 until 1874 and in 1951 was being used as a barn


And the buildings?

  • The c.1908 grain elevator along the CPR line stood until the mid-1960s
  • The mill structure was taken down in 1968 to make way for Humber Lea Road which leads to the north hill subdivision
  1. Reported in The Enterprise on August 15, 1941
  2. Harold, Edwin and Boyce Hayhoe acquired the Pine Grove flour mill operation in the Depression era, shortly after finishing university