• During the 1840s, Samuel Sterne operated a distillery in a stone building located across the river from his hotel
  • We can assume that he was using the still to supply the bar of his hotel
  • It is not known if he also supplied bars in any of the other hotels operating in this timeframe.  This could have included Thomas Rodgers’ Inn,  George Evan’s Tavern which evolved into The Exchange Hotel and James Johnston’s tavern 
  • For a period of time, the distillery was managed by Henry Bolton, one of James Bolton’s sons
  • Samuel Sterne died in 1850 and there are no records to suggest that the distillery continued operating after his death
  • It is worth noting at this juncture that Bolton’s Temperance Society came to be in the 1850s

    Tremain’s Map of Peel 1859 Source; PAMA