Carriage Works

  • Albert Dodds was born in 1847 and grew up on his family’s farm in Lloydtown. His parents were Emily and John Dodds 1
  • At the age of 20, he moved to Kettleby to apprentice with a carriage maker where he learned the trade 2
  • In 1873, Albert went into business for himself, opening a carriage shop on King Street East in Bolton which he called ‘Bolton Carriage Works’ 3
  • He made buggies and wagons, often winning prizes at local fairs. His specialty was the popular, highly varnished, 3 seater ‘democrat’ and he became well known for good quality at a fair price 4
  • In 1880, he became President of the Albion Bolton Agricultural Society 5
  • That same year, Albert acquired Samuel Bolton’s undertaking business 6.  There are further details about this enterprise under UNDERTAKING 7
  • Albert and his wife Jane built a beautiful home at 36 King Street East.  Bricks for the house came from Norton’s brickyard which was located in the next block
  • In 1913, after 40 highly successful years manufacturing carriages, Albert sold his businesses to William R. Egan  8
  • Over the next few years, the advent of the motor car dramatically impacted the need for carriages.  Egan maintained a carriage repair business until 1925 when he finally wound down that part of the business 9
Historical Atlas of Peel 1877
Albert and Jane Dodds

And the buildings?

  • The carriage shop was moved back from the street, set on a foundation and converted into a hardware, paint and wallpaper store.  It later became Cavallieri’s building supply store.  It was torn down in 1988 to make way for The Courtyards of Caledon shopping centre
  • The Dodds’ home was also demolished in 1988 for the shopping centre
Jane and Albert Dodds House
36 King Street East
7-16 Margaret Dodd Snell Henry Collection


Extract from the Historical Atlas of Peel County, 1877. Published by Walker & Miles
King Street East looking west to Bolton’s Four Corners. Photo c.1895.


In front of Dodd’s Carriage Works. L. to R.: Robert Steele, Albert Dodds, unknown, Ethel Dodds.  Photo c.1910.  Margaret Dodd Snell Henry Collection 9-42


Albert Dodds died in Barrie, Ontario. At the time he was one of the oldest undertakers in Ontario.


  1. His mother, Emily Webb, was born in Canada.  His father was an Irish immigrant, one of five brothers who came to Canada around 1831.  They settled near what is now Caledon Village on the W1/2 of Lot 16, Concession 2 East, Caledon Township, property that is still in Dodds’ family hands
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