Arthur McFall Era, 1894 – 1924

Arthur McFall Era 1894-1924

  • In 1894, Arthur McFall, 21, assumed ownership of the mill property for which he paid $25000 to his father’s estate 
  • He spent several years overhauling it; then, in 1899, built a one storey addition with an office as well as a roller/chopper to grind grain for cattle feed 
  • In 1900, Arthur hired Ben Duffy to run the mill operations at a salary of $8.00/ week ‘plus house’.  Ben stayed as manager until 1941, living in the west half of the McFall ‘Mill Cottage’.1
  • In the same year, Arthur installed his own telephone line from the mill to the railway station and also established a long distance connection from the mill, becoming Bell’s only Bolton subscriber until 1904
  • At the turn of the century, Arthur built tennis courts on an area of land below the mill dam . He then organized a tennis club which continued in that vicinity up until 1912
  • The steam plant he inherited from his father was replaced around 1907 by a gas producer engine (John Wood was the engineer/operator), which in turn gave way to an electric motor system about 10 years later
  • Some time after 1908, Arthur purchased a grain elevator along the CPR line.  He also built a metal storehouse for flour that was ready to be shipped

  1. Ben’s ‘plus house’ agreement was honoured by the McFall family until his wife Margaret’s death in 1969.