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Time: Geologic Time & Historic Time, A Perspective of Caledon’s Gravel Industry

Greg Sweetnam

When our species arrived in Caledon, the gravel had just arrived. It had sailed here on ships of ice beyond our imagining. The same ice that formed and flushed out our Humber River Valley, pushed up the Oak Ridges Moraine in Albion and laid down the sediment that formed our productive agricultural soil. But the torrents flooding across Caledon also washed cobbles and sand as it bounced along these raging river beds, rounding and sorting it into lenses and beds over a hundred feet thick. By reading the geological signatures on our land, we have built an industry. Often the largest employer in Caledon, the gravel industry has supported, shaped and annoyed our community. But over time we have learned to live together and the scars of mining have turned into the crown jewels of our landscape. Take an inside look from a different perspective as we celebrate time, gravel and the people in Caledon.


Whirlpool sandstone mined at the Forks of the Credit was used in the construction of the Ontario Legislative Building in Queen’s Park, Toronto.

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